We’ve just rolled out the new version of our DITAToo DITA CMS! The new version provides fixes to the issues encountered in previous versions, improves performance, includes minor usability improvements, and introduces new features that enhance the user experience.

Here’s an overview of what the improvements you’ll find in DITAToo 1.95:

Branching a Project

This is a feature that many our customers wanted. Up until now, you could only branch individual files. From now on, you can also branch entire projects. When branching a project, you can define what you want to do with the referenced topics:

  • Create a copy of the DITA map and all the referenced topics. In this case, all files to which topics refer (for example, images) are branched as well.
  • Create a copy of the DITA map with empty topics. In this case, the referenced topics are branched too. However, the contents of the topics, except their title, is deleted.
  • Create a copy of the DITA map only. In this case, the referenced topics are not branched. The map refers to the original topics and therefore, the links in the map are updated accordingly.


Searching Translations

In addition to the existing search options, you can now search for files that are not translated or need to be updated in one query.


Multiple Selection on the Projects Tab

DITAToo 1.95 enables you to select multiple projects on the Projects tab.


Basic Support for subjectScheme Maps

With DITAToo 1.95, you can upload subjectScheme maps to the DITAToo content repository.

Note for DITAToo customers: if you bought DITAToo directly from us, you will receive shortly the detailed information on how to get the new version. If you bought DITAToo from one of our value-added resellers or implementation partners, you will receive this information from them.

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