When you are using FrameMaker as your DITA editor, you are getting an all-in-one solution for authoring and multi-channel publishing.

That’s great, but what about managing your DITA content? How about tracking content reuse, managing links, searching, managing translations, and working collaboratively? This is when DITAToo DITA CMS comes to the picture.

Although DITAToo is DITA editor agnostic, which means you can use any authoring tool with DITAToo, for FrameMaker users, we provide a built-in FrameMaker connector. The connector lets you access the DITAToo content repository and manage topics and maps from within the FrameMaker user interface.

We’ve created this short video to give you an idea about the major capabilities that the integration between DITAToo DITA CCMS and FrameMaker provides.

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