We always believed that DITA is not a solution just for big guys.

That’s why we’ve built DITAToo DITA CMS. With DITAToo, you get a full blown DITA CMS for a fraction of the budget that you would have to pay for expensive content management systems. So if you can get the set of features that will cover all your everyday content management needs for less, why should you pay more?

Today, we’ve decided to take it even further. In association with our partner The Content Era, we are announcing an amazing promotion. Until the end of May, you get a free 60-day evaluation license of DITAToo. Plus a 15% discount off the list price if purchased within the 60-day trial period.

If you are thinking of acquiring a CMS or looking to switch to a different one then this is the promotion for you. DITAToo is already an affordable DITA CMS solution you can trust so why not try it out for free and see what all the hype is about?

So go now to www.aldouscms.com, fill out the DITAToo web form, and get started on a path to successfully managing your DITA content!

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