Let’s face it: technical communicators are often perceived as a cost center of the company.

DITA can change this.

With DITA, you can create a new value that will directly change the way your customers and company revenue makers interact with the company content. It’s about automation of work that is currently done manually. It’s about connecting content silos in the organization and creating a common ground for a barrier-free information and knowledge exchange across your company. It’s about turning technical publications departments from a cost center to a revenue center. It’s about producing new types of deliverables that would not be possible without DITA.

Join me at the webinar hosted by Society Of Technical Communications on Wednesday, August 10th at 2pm EDT to discuss why companies use DITA and how they benefit from having content in the structured format.

We’ll talk about how DITA makes these benefits possible. We are going to go through an end-to-end scenario with actual tools and content to see how content can be authored, published, automated, and managed. And of course, we’ll discuss how to make all these amazing promises a reality and adopt DITA for your company in the most efficient way, considering tight budgets, deadlines, and even skepticism from decision-makers.

Interested? Then go to the event registration page and click Register Now (the blue button on the right).

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