Let me tell you a story.

Back in 2011, when we’ve released the first version of our DITAToo DITA CMS, one of the features that DITAToo had was an ability to automatically convert unstyled or poorly styled MS Word documents to DITA. Honestly, we’ve never thought about that feature as a significant part of DITAToo. For us, it was just an interesting experiment that proved to ourselves that a conversion to DITA doesn’t have to be style-based.

And then something interesting happened. As DITAToo was getting traction, in addition to customers who were buying DITAToo to manage DITA, we began to receive requests from companies that had a DITA CMS in place already, or were not ready yet to a DITA CMS, but still wanted to migrate content from MS Word to DITA.

They were ready to buy DITAToo just for the conversion. So we thought: “We have the conversion algorithm already, and it seems to have a value on its own. Why won’t we productize this particular feature and make it a stand-alone product?”

This is how ConverToo was born.

For about a year, it was in the stealth mode. We were offering ConverToo primarily to our implementation partners who were using it to convert legacy MS Word documents of their customers. They became our early adopters who were giving us extremely valuable feedback that it’s hard to overestimate.

Based on this feedback, we have been constantly improving the conversion algorithm and adding new features. Today, ConverToo is a mature product that can be used by everyone.

Now you can use it too! To give you an idea of how ConverToo works, we’ve recorded this short video:

If you want to use ConverToo to convert your MS Word documents to DITA, just send us an email to info@intuillion.com.

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