Quite often, the content process involves different people with different roles and different goals. As a result, different team members may want to use different tools while still having access to the central repository with the shared content.

For example, suppose that the content process involves technical writers and graphic designers. Technical writers create and update content using a DITA editor. Designers create and update images (the ones that technical writers then add to the documentation) using an image editing tool. Both of them need to have access to the central content repository.

The tools these two teams would need are different. Technical writers need all content management capabilities (like search, where used, managing content variations, managing translations, multi-channel publishing, link management, and so on) so they would need a full-blown DITA CMS. Designers just need to be able to work with images. They don’t necessarily need all other features that the DITA CMS provides. They just need to have an ability to access the images stored in the CMS repository directly from their image editing tool plus some basic check-in/check-out and version control capabilities.

This is exactly what DITAToo Virtual Drive can do. Watch this video to see how each team uses their own tools to achieve their goals. Technical writers use “full” DITAToo DITA CMS while graphic designers use DITAToo Virtual Drive.



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