Quite often, the content process involves different people with different roles.

Not only their responsibilities are different, but the tools they are using are different too. Technical writers may want to use a DITA editor to author content. Engineers probably want to use MS Word to provide a raw input to technical writers. Graphic designers likely use an image editing tool to create images. Or maybe you have a part of your team who are not in DITA yet and they are still using unstructured FrameMaker.

Moreover, things that each team wants to do with their content can be different too. Technical writers will likely need full content management capabilities, including link management, tracking reuse, translation management, managing content variations, an so on. Casual content contributors may only want to make their content available for others and use some basic version control, check-in/check-out, and workflow features.

There is one thing, however, that is common for all of them. They all need to have access to a central repository with shared content, each from their own tool.

Join Wim Hooghwinkel of iDTP and myself at this free webinar to see how DITAToo DITA CMS allows various teams within the organization to work collaboratively while letting each team stay in the comfort of the tools they got used to.

Attending the webinar shouldn’t make you leave your comfort zone too! To let you attend the webinar whenever in the world you are located, we are doing the webinar twice: once in the timeslot that works best for European attendees, and one more time in the timeslot that fits better people based in North America. And if none of these times work for you, then the recording will be available to everyone who registered!

– If you are in Europe: Wednesday, September 28th, 3pm – 4pm CEST. To register, click here.

– If you are in North America: Wednesday, October 5th, 1pm-2pm EDT/10am-11am PDT. To register, click here.

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