Suppose an IT team that is responsible for deploying and maintaining IT environments for other teams within the organization. It could be servers and software for the company’s helpdesk, or servers for the corporate website, or maybe a testing environment deployed for the company’s QA team.

Each environment has to be documented for internal needs. For example, other members of the IT department need to know the exact server configuration parameters used for the helpdesk so that they can integrate it with other information systems and be able to fix issues.

But most importantly, the documentation has to reflect the actual configuration of the IT environment. Otherwise, those team members who need to work with this configuration will get irrelevant and wrong information.

So why couldn’t we have a solution where all required configuration files are automatically generated from the engineering specs that describe a particular deployment? You could load these configuration to the server, and the server would recognize them. For example, if the IT team needs to configure an Apache server for the helpdesk, the Apache configuration files could be automatically generated from the specs written by IT engineers or technical writers.

And of course, a technical documentation could be generated.

Using our CPM development framework integrated into DITAToo DITA CMS, we’ve built an application that does just this. This short video shows how this application works:


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