The new release of our DITAToo DITA CMS is now available! It’s called DITAToo 2017 R1 and includes some really amazing features, like:

  • Support for distributed architecture that lets geographically distributed teams located on different sides of the globe communicate with the content repository without experiencing any communication lags.
  • Ability to programmatically run batch processing on files stored in the DITAToo repository. For example, you can now automatically upload multiple translations to the repository at once.
  • Switching languages in DITAToo Virtual Drive. If you have translations in the repository, you can access translations by switching the language. After the language is changed, all files on DITAToo Virtual Drive are available on
    the specified language. If a translation in the specified language is missing for a file, the file is displayed in the source language.
  • Finding orphan topics which are not used anywhere
  • Finding broken links
  • Putting deleted files to the Trash Bin. Files in the Trash Bin can be restored or purged.

…and much more!

Here’s the video that explains and demonstrates some key features:


Note for DITAToo customers:
If you’ve bought DITAToo DITA CMS directly from us, you will receive the detailed information on how to get DITAToo 2017 R1 shortly.

If you’ve bought DITAToo DITA CMS through one of our value-added resellers or implementation partners, you will receive this information from them.

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