What’s Common Between Using DITA and Playing Organ? Some Thoughts About What DITA Can Do That Others Just Can’t

Many companies are considering DITA because of potential content reuse, content variations, multi-channel publishing, and savings in translation costs. The truth is when you focus on […]

Managing Translations with DITAToo DITA CCMS

One of the areas where DITA brings an enormous return-on-investment is translation. However, you still need a technology and tools that would let you: View to […]

DITAToo DITA CCMS + FrameMaker = Complete Authoring, Publishing, and Management Solution for DITA

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From DITA to Data: Five Practical Ideas on How to Automate Document Assembly and Content Generation

This year, we are going to present and exhibit at the annual Content Management Strategies/DITA North America Conference again! It will take place from April 4th […]