How We Used DITA to Automate Generation of Requirements Documents

Last month I was presenting at the Content Management Strategies/DITA North America conference in Chicago. The presentation was about a possibility to use DITA to automatically […]

Our Word-to-DITA Conversion Station Is Coming Back at CMS/DITA North America Conference!

Following the great success of our Word-to-DITA Conversion Station at the Tekom trade show in November 2014 in Stuttgart, Germany, we’ve decided to bring the Conversion […]

Automating Content Aggregation and Document Assembly. How DITA Can Help Generate Documents Automatically

It’s a well known fact that DITA can significantly improve content reuse, single sourcing, consistency, multi-channel publsihing, and dramatically reduce translation costs. In addition, online delivery […]

DITAToo DITA CMS 1.95 Is Released!

We’ve just rolled out the new version of our DITAToo DITA CMS! The new version provides fixes to the issues encountered in previous versions, improves performance, […]