Store DITA and non-DITA Content, Involve Subject Matter Experts with DITAToo Virtual Drive

We did it! Meet DITAToo Virtual Drive, a new brand feature available in the new release of DITAToo. DITAToo Virtual Drive mounts the DITAToo content repository […]

Structured Content and the Internet of Things

I’ve been talking and writing a lot about how structured content (for example, structured in DITA) can go far beyond technical publication departments and become a […]

Automating Manual Work and Getting a New Value from Information with Structured Content

Having your content structured opens virtually unlimited possibilities for automating the work that you currently have to do manually. At the upcoming Information Energy conference, I’m […]

DITA for All: Nice Dream or Realistic Ambition?

If you look at innovations that became part of our everyday life, you’ll see that almost none of them got traction and hit the mass market […]