DITAToo Virtual Drive Makes Content Management Collaboration Complete

This post was written by our guest blogger and partner Wim Hooghwinkel. Wim is the owner of iDTP that delivers services and consultancy for content and […]

Content Conversion to DITA Doesn’t Have to Be Painful. Especially, if It Is Not Style-Based

If you ever converted a document from an unstructured format, like MS Word or unstructured FrameMaker, to DITA, you know that most of conversion tools are […]

Converting Unstyled MS Word Documents to DITA with Minimum Efforts Using ConverToo

Let me tell you a story. Back in 2011, when we’ve released the first version of our DITAToo DITA CMS, one of the features that DITAToo […]

Use Global Find and Replace for Files Stored in DITAToo Repository with DITAToo Virtual Drive

In the previous post, we talked about how DITAToo Virtual Drive lets you put both DITA and non-DITA under a unified management and involve subject matter […]