robots_assemblyIn this section, we are going far beyond the features that are traditionally cited as big advantages of DITA.

Content reuse, enforced consistency, reduced translation costs, customization and personalization are all very attractive features. But DITA is also an enabler for a powerful content automation. DITA unveils virtually unlimited possibilities to automatically assemble, generate, and aggregate content.

For example, if you have your content in DITA, you can:

  • Assemble entire documentation sets automatically
  • Aggregate individual pieces of content into documents on-the-fly
  • Integrate data from external resources, like databases, into documentation
  • Generate code for software and hardware automatically
  • Generate process diagrams from DITA topics with clickable steps dynamically
  • Build self-service customer portals

What you’ll find here is more than pure ideas. We’ve already built the development framework and apps that let us adapt and implement these use cases for your real-life scenarios. What you’ll find here is tangible. Navigate through the left menu to find out what exists already.

Do you have questions on how these apps work how what can be automated in your work? Just contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can take you up to the next level with DITA.