Integration with products developed by our technology partners help us provide you with complete solutions that let you more effectively create and deliver content.




Adobe is the global leader in digital marketing and digital media solutions. Adobe is the developer of FrameMaker. The latest release of FrameMaker, FrameMaker 2015 is a best-in-class authoring and publishing solution with one of the lowest transition costs and highest ROI for migration to XML.





As a software manufacturer in the field of authoring assistance, Congree Language Technologies GmbH delivers the leading technologies for formulating consistent texts under consideration of defined style rules and uniform terminology. The seamless integration in DITAtoo via the supported editors provides authors with an intuitive and user-friendly operating concept.




FontoXML authoring solutions help occasional authors, editors and reviewers to create, edit, review and publish ‘intelligent content’.




XMetaL Author from JustSystems is the world’s leading XML content creation and collaboration solution, advancing the goals of global customer-driven organizations. XMetaL combines a naturally easy-to-use editor with the power of structured authoring, enabling your team to create, reuse, repurpose and deliver high-value information in the languages and formats your audience demands. XMetaL includes best-in-class support for DITA and the flexibility to provide the best user interface for anyone on your team who contributes content.



oXygen XML Editor


oXygen XML editor is the best XML editor available, accommodating a large variety of users, ranging from non-technical users to XML experts, and offering both XML authoring and XML development.The XML authoring support is available on multiple platforms (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris, etc.) and in various different forms. oXygen offers ready-to-use DITA support, including visual editing, DITA-OT integration, DITA maps manager, and much more. Its change tracking and annotation support, along with its cross-platform availability and the possibility of creating simplified user interfaces, makes it an ideal tool for reviewing DITA documents or capturing content from subject matter experts.




simplyxml_logo Simply XML solves complex content authoring problems in a simple and cost-effective way with the Content Mapper™ XML editor.

With Content Mapper™ you can

  • Get control of Microsoft™ Word
  • Give information consumers the right information at the right time on their device of choice
  • Move XML authoring to the enterprise
  • Eliminate intermediate editing and re-work
  • Reuse content
  • Support multi-channel and custom publishing
  • Enhance structured writing with shared repositories, metadata, and processes
  • Convert content from Microsoft™ Word to XML