Is ConverToo a product or a service?

ConverToo is an off-the-shelf product that converts MS Word documents to DITA. Some fine tuning of the conversion process is available out-of-the-box. However, if you need an extensive customization of the conversion, we can customize ConverToo for your specific needs.


Is it a desktop or web-based tool?

ConverToo is a desktop application.


Can I get ConverToo right now?

Yes! Please send an email to


If ConverToo doesn’t rely on styles, how does it work?

Instead of looking on the style of a piece of content, ConverToo checks the visual representation of the content. You, as a human, can quickly say where there is a bullet item or where there is a bolded text, regardless of whether a proper style is assigned or a manual formatting is applied. You just know what you see. Similarly, ConverToo relies on what it sees rather than on which style is applied (if at all).


How much does ConverToo cost?

The price depends on the amount of pages you need to convert. Generally, 1 page is $1, but the more pages you need to convert, the cheaper each page will cost. For example, a 500-page license costs $500, but a 5,500-page license will cost you around $4,800.


Do I have to pay if I want to do a test conversion?

No. We realize that you might want to do several iterations before you decide that your Word document is ready for the conversion. ConverToo provides the Test modes. In this mode, you can convert up a document that includes up to 30 pages. The pages converted in the Test mode are not counted, so you can run a test conversion as many times as you need until you understand that your document is ready for the actual conversion.