ConverToo is a ready-to-use off-the-shelf product. With ConverToo, you don’t have to deal with a command line interface or complicated configuration. Its user interface is completely intuitive and lets you convert an MS Word document in just a few clicks.

ConverToo provides powerful features that can make your conversion smooth.

No style mapping

  • No need to map MS Word styles to DITA elements
  • Even poorly styled and unstyled documents can be successfully converted


Automatic recognition of information types

  • Descriptive information is converted to concepts
  • Procedural information is converted to tasks


Generation of DITA maps

  • A map is automatically created resembling the structure of the original MS Word document
  • Choose the type of the map to be created: regular DITA or or bookmap


Control over the conversion process

  • Specify the file extension (.xml or .dita) to be assigned to the converted topics
  • Specify the value of the xml:lang attribute
  • Define to which DITA elements bold, italic, and underlined text