DITAToo Virtual Drive mounts the DITAToo database-driven repository as a local drive on your computer.

You get an additional drive letter that behaves as if it were a regular drive. You can access the DITAToo DITA CMS repository and perform basic operations, like check-in/check-out, viewing the version history, and changing the workflow state directly from Windows Explorer.

DITAToo Virtual Drive lets you open any file stored in the central DITAToo repository from any application, whether it’s a DITA editor, FrameMaker, MS Word, Photoshop, Visio, Notepad, or anything else. No application-specific plugins or add-ons are required. It’s a totally new way to integrate your content repository with literally any application and have an ability to access any file in the repository directly from any application.

There are many scenarios when DITAToo Virtual Drive is extremely useful. Watch these videos to find out:

Enabling Team Collaboration with DITAToo Virtual Drive

Managing DITA and non-DITA Content in a Single Repository with DITAToo Virtual Drive

Involving Subject Matter Experts into Your Content Process with DITAToo Virtual Drive

Replacing Text Globally in Multiple Files in the Repository

Regular DITAToo users (aka technical writers) get the Virtual Drive for free. If you want your SMEs to access the DITAToo content repository from Windows Explorer or any other application, you get a special license for them just at $299 per user. Bulk discounts are available, contact us at info@intuillion.com for more information.