Understanding System Architecture

The following diagram demonstrates the major components:
The following table briefly expains the components:
Table 1. System Components
Component Description
Automatic Hand Receives instructions from the Image Matching component. If the pair is found, the Automatic Hand picks up two paired socks and puts them aside. If the pair is not found, the Automatic Hand puts unpaired socks to a separate pile.
Burner Burns out the pile of unpaired socks.
Image Capturing Takes a photo of every single stock and saves the photo to the Image Database.
Image Database Stores photos of all the socks to be sorted out.
Image Matching Searches for photos stored in the Image Database and finds two photos in which the image patterns match.
Paired Socks Contains paired socks.
Socks Pile Contains the socks to be sorted out.
Unpaired Socks Contains the socks for which the pair was not found.