Integrating DITAToo DITA CMS with the Existing Infrastructure

We realize that our products don’t exist in a vacuum.

For example, you might need to make DITAToo DITA CMS to export topics from the DITAToo content repository to an existing knowledge base. Similarly, if you are using a different DITA CMS, but have ConverToo to convert your legacy content from MS Word to DITA, you may want ConverToo to upload the converted DITA content directly to your DITA CMS. Or you might want to export content from an external system to DITAToo as a one-time process or on a regular basis.

We can integrate our products with your existing infrastructure and make them support the scenarios you need. Such an integration typically includes:

  • Analyzing the scenarios and processes to be supported
  • Writing a detailed requirements specifications document
  • Researching the API of the systems with which the integration should be built
  • Building a working prototype
  • Implementing the integration on a full scale


Isolating Custom Development from the Original Products

Most of integrations requires a certain amount of custom development.

At the same time, our original¬† products keep evolving too. To let you benefit from the product customized for your specific needs while having an ability to get regular upgrades of the original product, we are maintaining the architecture that allow us isolate any custom modifications from the core product. Whenever a new version becomes available for public, you get it too, and we can guarantee that all the modifications we’ve done for you will work smoothly with the upgrades of the original product.